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There are many companies out there offering to pay cash for gold. It’s important to shop around. Many other companies will only give you a small portion of what your gold is actually worth. At Majestic Coins we treat our customers fairly and with respect. You will get up to 96% of your gold’s true market value.

Whether you are an investor with gold bars to sell, someone who has inherited some family jewelry, or even someone recently divorced who wants to turn that old ring into some cash, Majestic Coins is the place to go for cash for gold. We will carefully evaluate your items and provide you with the fairest price for your gold. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have turned their useless items into spendable cash.

Just think of the possibilities for extra cash that you might have lying around:

• You lost an earring… now you have just one
• Old gold rings that are bent or broken
• Old charms or pendants that you collected in the ‘80s but no longer use
• Wedding bands
• Engagement rings
• A regretted dental decision… yes, even gold teeth

Please make sure the gold teeth are already removed! (Smiles) But seriously, we all have valuable items lying around that we may not have thought about as being worth cash. These items can bring you hundreds of dollars of spendable cash. Visit us today for your free estimate on your items value.

We are proud to work with local law enforcement to ensure we do not buy or sell stolen gold, silver or coins.